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Hello there, I'm Caitlyn.

I am a user experience designer with a focus on content strategy, or to put it simply:

I am a professional problem solver that has a knack for digital storytelling.

Location: Toronto, ON Canada

Currently working as a Content Strategist Intern on the Product Team at ExperiencePoint

Get to know me...


From visual arts, pottery, music, and dance, throughout my life, I have always found different outlets to express my creativity. I push boundaries, and thrive on thinking differently, without fear of judgement.


After working with individuals who have intellectual and physical disabilities for many years, I am a very empathetic person that has a passion to remove barriers and make the world a more inclusive and accessible place.


I have worked closely with individuals from all over the world, and thrive in environments that involve collaboration and the sharing of knowledge.


I am a curious, out-of-the-box thinker that always looks for an opportunity to pose questions beginning with “What If…” or “Why...”

Featured Work

Untitled design.png


UI/UX Design  |  Content Strategy  |  Project Management


Designed a mobile app that educates Canadian teenagers and young adults about financial literacy in an interactive and gamified way, to ensure the users are preparing for their futures.


UI/UX Design  |  Content Strategy  |  Communications Lead


Worked for a real-world client and developed a digital design strategy for the Canadian Hispanic Latin American Virtual Museum’s website to enhance the user experience, and help the organization gain credibility to receive funding.



UX Design  |  Content Strategy  |  User Research and Testing


Developed a content strategy plan for the Centennial College mobile app “SafetyWatch” and the Safety and Security section of the website to provide a more user friendly experience.

Let's create positive user experiences, together.

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